Sexual abuse

Hi coaches !
I experienced sexual abuse when I was 18 with my first boyfriend.
I have never really worked on that experience to process it – I just found that he was a poor guy who needed attention and love and didn’t know how to obtain that from others. He was brilliant but so lonely.
I didn’t have so much resentment after that experience. I know that I have my responsibility because I was unprepared to put some limits in this relationship and was also searching eagerly for someone to love me (instead of someone to love !). I learned that I needed to be more aware of risks and put these limits. I met my husband 3 months after that experience – that was the perfect guy ever ! 💖
So sometimes I question myself about this peace I have with that experience- and I requestion it as we work on our past this month – is that “normal” not to have had any so called symptoms, regrets ? Do I need to work more deeply on that experience?
Thank you for your feedback 😉