Change The Past – Food Is How I Show Love

Hi Brooke
I am seriously committing to stop overeating. I asked on a call if you ever used food as a gift or as appreciation and you said no. I ALWAYS use food as a gift; always home cooked as I find joy in the process of cooking and then joy when people eat my cooking. This is how my entire family life to date has been. We get together and everything revolves around food. I want to change this for me. It gives me serious anxiety thinking of having people over for dinner and serving boring chicken and salad for dinner. After modeling and reading the prior sentence, I cook elaborate meals because I do not want people to think I am boring. This thought brings up a lot of pain which is good for me to work through. Anyways, is it ridiculous to think I should cook the most boring meal and invite my friends over as I know this will be an EXTREMELY uncomfortable thing for me to do, or should I just be very aware of learning how to make simple food taste really good when they come over? I know I would even have to deal with my husband potentially being embarrassed by me not cooking big too…But then I think maybe I should just cook two meals and I can eat mine…then I think why I would cook them something I don’t even eat anymore. I feel so silly that this seems so daunting.
Thank you.