Changed up how I was going to work on my Allowed Urges

So after watching last Friday’s Over Drinking Video I tried a new approach to my drinking plan.

The first plan I tried and was successful at was to make rules for myself where I could feel like a “normal drinker”. This was my overall plan and I did do a Drinking Plan worksheet for each time I wanted to drink. Granted I have just started and that plan last week was successful.

First Plan:
No drinking Monday- Thursday
I could drink up to 3 evenings a week – Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (eventually I want to curb this to 2 nights)
The only exception to this was if I had a very special event during the week
I always will write a Drink Plan
I still went out for dinner during the week and practiced urges by not drinking at all even if my husband did or others around me.


If I was understanding what I was hearing on the video it seemed it might be a good idea to drink whenever as long as there was a drink plan. One woman mentioned drinking 1-2 glasses when someone opened a bottle of wine. (she did drink unplanned). But the point was, that it would be a good idea to have a drink plan and limit the number of drinks to then deal with the urges after those numbered planned drinks. I understand the thought behind this is to learn how to feel the feelings and go with the urge. Anyway, I thought maybe I should try this as opposed to working urges by not drinking at all when I normally would have which was every night of the week and mostly at home.

So yesterday, a Wednesday, I decided to plan for one glass of wine in the afternoon at a special restaurant with my husband and son following a wonderful hour of him bringing us to the jewelry store and showing us the ring he bought for his upcoming engagement. So I planned this Wednesday afternoon glass of wine which turned into two. I also planned a glass of wine for that evening at home with my parents to use as an allowed urge by not taking a second and third glass. Well that backfired.

Here is what I think the problem is. With alcohol the prefrontal cortex is being altered and not allowing for its best work (at least in this brain lol). So it made it harder for me to address the thought before the following drinks and then the feelings and actions.

I also did a Write and Move on over this.

What do you think? Should I go back to plan one. I’m still allowing for urges because I’m not drinking 4 nights which I would have been doing before Scholars.

Thanks Brooke x