Changed my past about driving my kids!

This month’s daily homework just changed my mind about driving my kids! It might not sound like much, but I spend easily an hour a day driving them places — camps, jobs, etc. Today, I decided that I could make yesterday’s driving time great by telling the story that driving demonstrates my devotion to my kids. They know I am here and I am willing to help them have great lives. It also gives me quality time with them, where we talk. Also, it lets me listen to podcasts — especially older episodes of a certain life coaching podcast 😉 — which is awesome! With that story, it totally is worth the time I spend on it. Here are my models:

T Driving sucks up so much time
F Annoyed
A Sulk about it, use it as excuse to get less done
R I am cranky and less productive

T Driving gives me quality time with my kids and with my podcasts
F Happy
A I talk with my kids and I learn from podcasts
R I am closer with my kids and even smarter than I already am!

It’s amazing how AVAILABLE this new thinking was. Thanks, Brooke!