And Then There Were The Three Of Us

I sat down yesterday on my scheduled time to write and half an hour later I noticed that I haven’t showed up.

I remembered the rule of three and so I called myself, my future self, and my future future self for a meeting.

We sat us three and discussed what’s the matter and why haven’t I showed up.

I reasoned that going from being stressed about writing and not writing in weeks to blocking six hours each day sounds promising to the self who is responsible for the scheduling but then my future self, the one that will need to put ass to chair for those six hours tomorrow will not want to do so much so soon, as it turns out.

My future future self leaned forward and said, ‘OK, maybe six hours each day is too much of a stretch for you now. For many prolific writers it’s not enough. How about you start with an hour or two, four times a week?’
My self said, ‘I can do that.’
Then my future future self said, ‘OK, then, let’s start with that. And please keep in mind for the sake of me, this question – How bad do I want this?’
‘Oh, so very much,’ I heard myself replying.

That Screenwriter