Changing the thought ‘my relationship should last forever’

Hi Brooke,

I was inspired after your last coaching call. Thank you. After doing thought downloads and models, I realised I’ve been thinking alot of time that in order for me to be happy I have to have a relationship that will last forever. So, this thought made me act needy in my relationship with my bf. it’s understandable. Basically I am telling to myself that if my relationship it’s not forever( for different reason) then I cannot be happy. And this is actually my result. My relationship doesn’t work and (I think)I’m not happy because of this! It’s so amazing how clear I can see that our thoughts create our reality.
I want to change this, so I came up with the next model.

C- my personal life
T –
F- happy
A- let life be what it’s suppose to be
R- I want to enjoy a relationship as much as I have it

So I am a little stuck at the T line. Basically I wanna change my previous thought that a relationship should last forever but I wanna enjoy it as much as I have it. I wanna come up with a thought it’s believable to me, maybe start bridging this thought.
Do you have any suggestions?