Changing thoughts

This is so interesting and amazing to me – since the urge jar process started, my thoughts have changed from “I’m hungry, I have to eat now” to “Hunger is not an emergency, relax” to “Hunger is great, I’ll burn some fat”. I didn’t really do much work to change my thoughts. I think I absorbed all the calls and videos and podcasts and then my brain just sort of latched on to better thoughts. Something similar is happening with urges – I’ll think “excellent, here’s an urge, let me allow it so I can get a bead”. Can it be this simple to change thoughts? I’m also amazed how seeing just a tiny bit of evidence can have such a big effect on believing a new thought. Last amazing update for today – the thought “I’m going to do it (meaning follow the protocol or plan) because I said I would” is a game changer for me. Whole new level of self trust is developing for me very quickly. Thank you for all you do and teach here!