I completed my thought download as to why I am not working towards my September goal. My goal is to complete my website for my coaching business, I also work full time.

An interesting feeling that emerged today was cheating. The thought was I already work full time. At this time I don’t want to give up my full time job and have no plans to be a full time entrepreneur. This is the block. I think it would be more helpful if I started to think that I am open to working full time in my practice.

It also feels easier to focus on my weight loss over my business building. My food protocol is all good, my muscle here is awesome. But I am having a hard time shifting to my business. My why is because I can contribute to better my client’s lives and my and my husband’s life too. My own business will give me opportunity to support my family and community. I will be able to give more.

I feel like I am on the fence of a breakthrough and need to push myself over the edge (which now as I write this is scared imagery).