Checking My Business Model

Hi Brooke,

I am That Screenwriter 🙂
I watched your Business Models video under the How To Be An Entrepreneur series, and would like to run by you the initial business model I’ve drafted for myself.

I am focused on writing one-hour TV Drama Pilot scripts. In that sense, I don’t provide a service, but rather I create ‘products.’

I looked at the Writer’s Guild of America to see what is the expected minimum rate for each pilot and it’s about $50K.
So I decided that in 2018 I would like to have completed 4 pilot scripts, that their total worth is then potentially $200K.

Each quarter I would then set out to complete one pilot.

Now mind you, I kept busying myself this entire year avoiding writing at all cost so I don’t even know if what I am planning is doable, but I know that screenwriting students who go to writing programs are expected to write a TV pilot within a semester so I know it’s doable.

Am I making sense with my model?