Prerequisite For A Life Coach

I found myself throughout my life, being a role model for people for many aspects in life and every time my husband and I meet new people, we always joke that there will be someone at the event who will end up on my evening ‘therapy couch’ as they will mention some problem they have and by the end of the evening I will have a solution for them or a better way to see their situation.

Sometimes friends of ours will call my husband and express a problem and he will give them his advice but will always say, you need to run it by my wife because she always have the smartest ideas.

I always hear back from those people, telling me I made them feel heard, cared for, and that I am so smart and inspiring.

So my husband asked last week why don’t I become a coach and actually charge money for my natural ability.

The thing is that when I think of doing this everyday, it almost makes me sick.
I don’t have the patience or emotional capacity to want to accommodate all these complaints and negative thoughts of other people.

I don’t mind giving my take, so to speak, when I meet them along my life journey, but to see them everyday just isn’t my thing.
While I know that these are optional thoughts, they don’t cause me a negative result, so I don’t mind keeping them.

Do you think the primary prerequisite of someone who wants to be a coach is the passion and the need to want to help as many people as possible and take them from wherever they are?