Cholesterol question

I started a protocol last spring and removed sugar-laden, artificial coffee creamer and replaced it with full fat cream. I also have been eating full fat yogurt and cheese.

But this week at my semi-annual checkup, the doctor was alarmed: my cholesterol is through the roof and my bad cholesterol has doubled in the last six months. She wanted to put me on meds, but I told her I would go vegan for two months (I’m already a vegetarian) and see if I could control it that way.

I don’t remember anything in the trainings specifically about cholesterol, so I wondered whether Brooke has any info about that specifically.

I will say that I lost 20 pounds rather easily and then seemed to stall for the last several months. Clearly, I need to do make some changes to my protocol anyway, as my goal is to lose 20 more, and also re-visit my portions.

Any advice? Thanks!