choosing and finding a person to marry, and spend my life with

Does that mean you can just marry anyone? How do you choose a life partner if love just comes from my ability to love? What about choosing the best person for me to spend my life with?

Then how do we smartly choose a partner?
I’m in a relationship with a man I don’t want to choosing for a lifetime, if my happiness and love comes from me, if I just love unconditionally how do I leave? Or start looking for a suitable life partner, I have done the work to be happy in my current relationship and I am happy but still would like more or some different things in a partner. Not clear if its like a time limit thing and then I just start dating?

I have worked on my thoughts loving him more which I do, but part of me feels I would be better with someone else. I do love this person and it would be hard and scary to leave….plus its not like were in a fight or anything…🤷‍♀️

Are the thought downloads meant to be about relationships only?