Christmas in Paris and Protocol

Want to share a little win! We went to Paris for the holidays and I managed to stick to my protocol. I even lost 2 pounds.
I am so proud of myself! I sat through a bunch of meals happily and walked all around the city with out snacking. We drove 6 hours to get there and back and for the first time in my life i didn’t stock up or take part in ‘road snacks’. It was sort of surreal. My energy was consistent and i felt great the whole time.

It’s interesting the things that change, food taste different – i had some fruit and got a headache from the sugar (used to happen when i ate sweets), food doesn’t ‘get me high’ anymore so still taste fine but it’s a very different experience, at one place i order a chicken breast and when it came out it was literally a boring oven roasted chicken breast with a little rosemary- i was actually thrilled, before something ‘so boring’ would have ruined my dining experience.

All of it is so fascinating to me. I’ve tried so many diets before and nothing stuck. This is sticking and i’m enjoying myself at the same time!

Okay, i will also admit that there are harder moments, mostly around old habits and ideas around food. Over the holidays i became obsessed with making food for my protocol and was spending more time in the kitchen than i wanted – i didn’t even want to eat the food I was making i just want to ‘make a treat that would work with my protocol’ / i was avoiding other stuff. so i told myself i can do that sort of kitchen work but once a week, planned. And i’ve noticed around 5/6 i get anxious about dinner and when will it be – which is a remnant of my food addicted past – i’ve had to work through being relaxed and reminding myself there’s no emergency. some other habits changing stuff because i spent so much time eating as entertainment I sometimes don’t know what to do with myself. Which is fine, i simply happy i’m not eating during those time.

Thanks so much!