Circumstance question….

I recently had a situation where my intuition told me something I knew to be true. When I got coached on it, there was no real evidence of this. So it was not able to be used in the model as the circumstance. A few hours later the circumstance was confirmed.

My question is, is it okay be hypothetically get coached on an event as a circumstance because it would have been more effective for me if I had, my opinion.

(The circumstance was that a guy I had been talking to presented himself to me as single, I do have examples of this, things he said. I then saw him with a woman, I intuitively knew was his girlfriend (she was feeding him food at a party and touching his arm in an affectionate way, and it was obvious! Later, I found out he got back together with his ex-girlfriend. It would have been helpful to get coached on it this way, so I could just let him go!