Circumstances are neutral. Again confirmed!!

Two years ago I went abroad for my first filming project. I didn’t have much experience, bought a professional camera, mics etc. and went back to the country I used to live before. I wanted to tell the story of a family with a great interesting history, in an also, visually wise, great area.

They were happy to receive me and my translator, I stayed with them for a day. Back home I checked my material. Then I found out the sound quality was not good. I didn’t switch on the mic on his jacket so only had general sound… full of barking dogs.

Back home I asked some profs to check if there was a way to cut that ‘noise’, but unfortunately not. So that was a failure that had cost me time and money and most important I felt very sorry and ashamed to contact this family how my project had turned out. Although they knew it was my first project. I still had a hard time sending them the explanation. I didn’t hear from them after, but was okay with that.

Now I’m back in this country and met yesterday with the translator, he told me that tomorrow, this person (of my film project), will also be at the event I’ll attend. I said I still feel a bit awkward, then he told me this person from my project told him he still feels embarrassed to meet me again, since he never answered my email!

Wow! I felt ashamed because my project didn’t work out as I hoped. And he feels embarrassed since he didn’t write me back.

One circumstance… Two people. Different thoughts and feelings.

My UM model
C. Sound on first film project failed, not usable.
T. He gave me his time and I screwed it
F. Shame
A. Wrote him an explanation, it still comes up in my mind, think about how I could have done better, I never asked him if I could come back to do it again
R. I didn’t realize this beautiful story on film

T. I can ask him if he is still open to tell his story again
F. Brave
A. Ask him tomorrow when we meet
R. I’m open for any answer

Thank you for any feedback!