Clarification on models

Hi Brooke,
I have been in SCS since August and I LOVE it. I am committed to doing models everyday even if they are not exactly right.
So I thought I would post mine for clarification because my R doesn’t seem to line up with my T. This is often the case with my models.

Ok here it goes…

C: People
T: Some of them annoy me
F: Agitated
A: Distance myself
R: Opportunity to learn wasted

New thought
C: People
T: Do I want to be annoyed by them or inspired by them?
F: Want to be inspired
A: Find positive traits and let go of negative beliefs about them
R: Inspired

Another model about a coworker who doesn’t like me

C: Coworker
T: She hates me
F: Rejected
A: Behave defensively around her
R: She continues to hate me

Now I need help with the intentional thought model. This is what i came up with so far

C: Coworker
T: Her unfriendliness to me is about her and not me.
F: Content
A: Do the mindwork to accept her
R: Be OK with coworker not liking me.

The only problem here is that it still really bothers me that she doesn’t like me. So changing the thought doesn’t work so well here. I guess i need a bridge thought but what?

Sorry to post so many models here. Maybe you can clarify one for me and that would help me figure out the others?
Thanks in advance!