Marco- Overdrinking issue/plan

Happy 2018! I am now in my 6th month and have been enjoying scholars! I have been doing way more consuming than applying and have not lost one pound. I decided to work on overdrinking first but I keep going in starts and stops. I’ve used the tools-but not consistently- I start the urge sheet and stop. I finally figured out that I’ve been feeling “entitled” and staying in emotional childhood- to justify my choices to drink wine. So I had a nice conversation with my husband yesterday- and although he knew I’ve been in scholars, I have been hiding my overstruggle with wine- and I brought him into the loop more. What I really WANT is to take a break from wine- I have a big family event in mid February that I was supposed to be losing all this weight for- My impossible goal is to lose 60 lbs this year. I have decided to take a break from alcohol until the family event. I even wrote out my drink plan for 2/16/18 already!! I feel I have been F’ing around with all this and not DOING it- I think this will give me a jump start on my weight loss.
I will pound out the 100 urges- 3rd time I’m starting it over- and I will identify the real feelings that I have been buffering and I know how to deal with those from all the content I’ve been consuming. I’ve already found “entitled” and “rebellious” to be two big culprits!!
Today I will calendar my daily homework- I already have my food protocol- but will actually follow it! I am going to stop quitting and just get it done. Thanks for all your work, Anne
I don’t really have a question- but wanted to notify my coach what I have set out for myself to accomplish.