Clarification on The Model

I’ve started from the beginning of your The Life Coach School Podcast episodes and I’m up to episode 24. Then I started going through the Bonus Materials for this course when those arrived and reviewed the podcasts that related, reading along to your voice (that helps me “get it”) and I think I’m getting a better understanding. My question comes from the January homework video and assignment around further clarification on the Model. In the video you showed a Thought Download and took one of the thoughts and put it into the model. Then, you changed the thought in an exercise to show how a new, positive, thought could adjust the action and therefore the result. But if that final exercise to change the thought to new, is just an exercise how is that not just another thought … as in, we are “thinking” that’s what will happen IF we think the first thought? I hope that makes sense … otherwise, sorry for the spinning.