Clarity on target market and advice on pre launch marketing

Hi Brooke,
Just listened to entrepreneur call and i actually felt relief for the woman who narrowed down to clothes for women who lift! Physically relief for her – brilliant and she will kill it!

I am hoping you can give me some guidance and direction.

I launch a program on the 1st of January. I joined scholars in December for January start and cant remember but in the lead up to scholars cart opening what did you do to market/get people warmed up? Is there anything you recommend? Cart will open Jan 1 and close Jan 31 and in that period i was going to do a webinar and a live q and a…any tip/advice/direction appreciated. I have an email list of 600 and existing clients but feeling anxious and wondering what more I can do. Would you open the cart earlier? Have an early registration in December for existing subscribers?

Getting clear on my people who are: women, 30-50, with children, high functioning achievers, self employed, earn over 100K and want to take it to the next level in their life.
Their problem is they dont know HOW to perform at a high level across all areas of work and personal life while maintaining optimal wellbeing and sanity! They peak and crash, go hard and burn out, ususally face first into a bottle of wine. They are hustling and exhausted.
The SOLUTION is I teach them to manage their minds (not lose it all the time), manage their time (be productive and maintain their energy), design their life for optimal wellbeing (priorities, values, cull the crap and say no) and learn the habits and practices of a high performer (be an athlete in life).
I am so excited about this!
I appreciate your guidance.
Thank you so much!