Question on Long-Term Coaching Business

Hey Brooke! So I definitely get picking a very focused niche and focusing on serving them as you’re launching your coaching business. I’m also wondering how you would fit this concept into a 10-year process of building a coaching business. Meaning – in 10 years – a coach might coach on overeating, overdrinking, money, etc. – with multiple products or events. But if you start off on Day #1 with a website/domain or podcast that’s specific to one specific niche (i.e. overeating) – how would you then add other coaching niches? Or should your blog/brand/podcast be more focused on your name (or brand name) – that then that becomes an umbrella for all of your nichified coaching programs.

For example, Tony Robbins started by doing phobia cures – but now offers products in the areas of money, business, health, time management, personal development, etc. – all under his Tony Robbins brand. Same with Phil McKenna – who coaches on weight life, money, being happy, etc. – again all under the Phil McKenna brand. Digital Marketer is an umbrella for all things internet marketing.

I’m just trying to think long term. Definitely going deep on a niche on day #1 – but also looking toward the future as I plan to create multiple niched coaching programs and having a complete site, podcast, etc. for each one seems a bit unweildy. Trying to wrap my brain around niching and long-term business development. Thanks!