Clarity with C line

When I am creating a model for myself or a client, I want to be careful keep my C line neutral.

If I think the circumstance is “my husband yelled at me” does the word “yelled”go in the C line? I know I can put the words he actually said, but there is a big difference between putting “he said ___” and “he yelled ___”. I know a descriptor like “loudly” wouldn’t work either. How do I convey a circumstance like this accurately, yet in neutral terms?

However, I know that some people could consider a tone “yelling” while others do not.

What if I was describing a toddler’s tantrum as a C? Would I say the child was having a tantrum? Screaming? Actions like crying or throwing objects are observable, but what other behaviors (ie: yelling) that might be subjective?

Thanks for your help!