Clothes are gone, friends, sabotages…

I have posted here about getting rid of clothes that just didn’t fit. Well, this weekend two bags of sizes 16 are GONE. I’m a size 10 and 8 now, and I’m losing more weight. I’m glad that the closet is emptier and I keep getting rid of stuff that doesn’t fit.

Some friends saw me and they were Wow what have you done. Part of me losing weight has been a side effect of a medication so I tell them that and the no flour and sugar. They also ask me am I working out, since I was doing triathlons in the past. The interesting part is that now I’m not working out like before.

So, I was nope. It’s no flour, no sugar. It’s food, my friends. Not what they want to hear. I have about 30 pounds to lose, which I didn’t mention. But they’re oh don’t lose any more weight you’re disappearings. It’s just interesting people’s reactions.

Another friend bought some food for the house, fruit and ice cream. And I was why the ice cream? He was we have had it before. Which is true, I thanked it and I tried to keep it in the house without eating it. But I it a couple of nights in a row. So I just threw it out, more than 1/2 of it and I was proud of myself. No remorse.

I kept the fruit and gave it to friends, etc. But the ice cream had to go.