Co-worker tells me what to do

I have a coworker that I perceive as rude. Routinely she tells me what to do and it turns into an uncomfortable work environment. I got coaching last night and I was asked to just let her be her and I get to show up the way I want to show up. I am not at work yet and I am already playing out that it is going to be a horrible day and I have feelings of dread. Logically I understand I need to change my thoughts around working with her but how do I set myself up for success when I already feel this way.

C: I work with coworker today.
T: something will happen today that is going to annoy me and bring up all my anger towards her.
A: Go to work and just wait for something to happen
R: When something happens I will be annoyed and have to examine my thoughts. Become the watcher and feel uncomfortable.

Is the result where my work is? I need to go into today knowing it will come up? In the middle of the work day I dont have time to go do a download. What should I do so I dont react to to what is happening?

C: I work with coworker today
T: she gets to show up and do whatever she wants (I believe this thought but I dont know how I show up when she is rude to me)
F: confused
A: victim mentality that i have no control so I will shut down and just get quiet all day
R: still uncomfortable work environment