Coach me, please! Thx, Ginny

Thank you for your help! So I have been teaching yoga & mindfulness practices at the jail the past five years & have been doing my own practice for 22 years (started when I got pregnant w/ my eldest son, Mitchell) & have been hooked ever since. I have taken lots of teacher trainings, but finally committed to doing & completing the 200 hour teacher training this last month. To get the certification, I need to teach 25 classes. Although, I am set to teach at the jail, I am willing to step out of my comfort zone (ironic, huh that the jail is my comfort zone) and teach in public. I would love to promote PYSB & offer community classes by donation or do various fundraisers & offer yoga classes, etc, but I am terrified. Yes, I am so motivated when I feel terrified. LOL. Sh.. this is not about me, it’s about public awareness & letting them know how beneficial the yoga has been for the inmates…

Also, I am trying to catch up w/ SCS homework & am a little confused about Unintentional Thought Pattern Model vs. Intentional Thought Pattern in regards to yesterday.
Day 1
C: Reentry
T: I can’t find my center
F: disoriented
A: bumbling
R: Not much done

C: Reentry
T: I am giving myself permission to ease back into life & find my rhythm.
F: self-love
A: gets some as semblance of organization
R: Great day w/ some stuff done – honored rhythm.

Day 2
C: Sleep
T: I didn’t sleep well
F: tired
A: stuck to plans
R: Felt better

C: Sleep
T: I can do life tired. I am excited to surf.
F: motivated
A: Surf, initiated playtime w/ husband, coached client, SCS homework, meditation, etc.
R: Excited

FYI on Dare of Day follow ups
1. Raised coaching fee on client. I didn’t lose her, but she says she can only afford monthly session versus twice monthly. I feel good about no longer discounting my fees.
2. My dad did not give me any information on my half-brother, Rick & said he no longer had his contact info after I sent dad email letting him know I was looking to find Rick. I decided to do DNA test on to continue my search.

Thank you! Thank you! Much Love, Ginny