Coach said words

C My coach said that all she hears is fear and anxiety in my email
T I have to get rid of my anxiety before I can move forward with big life decisions
F Frustrated
A Tense up, start ruminating about how to get rid of my anxiety, get annoyed that she thinks I haven’t done enough work, beat myself for not being further along, feel frustrated that I haven’t made enough progress, tell myself stories about how I’m wasting my life and not making any progress…
R I continue to perpetuate my cycle of anxiety and resentment and delay making big life decisions from a place of alignment

I do not like this model. That thought is totally unhelpful. I didn’t like my knee-jerk reaction of resentment – it doesn’t serve what I want in my life, and I can see that my brain is offering me thoughts that will keep me stuck in the cycle I want out of.

As a result of that feeling of frustration and the actions that result, I dig myself deeper into the problem.

Let’s try something new.

C Coach says all she hears is fear and anxiety in my email
T Fear and anxiety ARE what is speaking in that email
F Open
A Re-read the email, ask myself if I can see the voices of fear and anxiety in the email, ask myself if that is where I want to come from, ask myself if I can identify a part of myself that is separate from the voice of anxiety and fear – I can.
R I *witness* the fear and anxiety speaking through me in my email, and allow myself the option to choose another way

Okay, this feels pretty empowering. Is there any way you’d suggest I explore this further?