Coach Training

Hey Brooke

Liz here again from masterclass.

Okay, so I have a model I’d like some help with.

So I’ve realized that I chose to feel bad about your advice on NOT applying for coach training.

Here are my silly thoughts:
– Brooke doesn’t think Im ready for her training
– It’s cause I suck at using her work
– I’m going to miss out on something amazing
– Maybe she sees that Im not fit to be in her program
– It’s probably cause I annoyed her

I’m giggling as I am typing this. because it’s ridiculous and you actually said that you dont think i need the program. That I’m ready now. I don’t remember the exact words But I made it mean that it had something to do with me and that I was rejected in a way.

C- Brooke said words
T- Im going to miss out on something amazing
F- Rejected
A- Hide, stay in the cave and feel bad about myself
R- Miss out on creating something amazing

T- I’m ready to create something amazing no matter what
F- Excited
A-Take Massive action on creating a business I love
R- I’ve created an amazing experience for myself

I could kinda believe the second one.

Thoughts? Comments? Advice? LOL