I’m actually doing it.

Hey Brooke,

Elizabeth here from the 6 day masterclass.

Okay soo,

The past few days I have really been onto myself.

I have been taking action and trying not to consume like you suggested.

I’m noticing my energy shift a lot through out the day. When im feeling blahhh, i realize that its cause im starting to go unconcious and slip into my little self loathing/self doubt cave.

It’s interesting because I would just feed into that before but now I am actually trying to shift into a different state/feeling.

I wanted to “figure out why” before changing it, but we both already know why I was feeling that way. (hint: its my thoughts haha)

I find it actually funny because anytime I try to shift into something more useful than the current feeling — it feels like I really have to use a lot of energy to get there.. then my brain goes “this is too hard” or i guess that happens first LOL. OOPS.

I’ve also decided to remove beating myself up from the equation.

I’ve been changing the dialogue in my head so that I am kinder to myself throughout this process.

So with all that- I’ve created a webinar outline and brainstormed everything I could teach/would love to share. I’ve also created a list of all that needs to get done. Finished my registration page for the webinar.

I did all that kicking and screaming. Super uncomfortable and wanted to either sleep or watch a video or scroll on facebook (smart me deleted the app the make it easier on myself).

Goodness gracious… The part of me that wants to stay comfortable wants out of this whole process…

But I actually WANT to go through this process even if it feels so incredibly challenging.

Is that last thought something I should work on? I mean – it is supposed to feel crappy right?? I’m positive You would say yes. lol

In the past, I didn’t really understand how being in self-loathing would somehow be easier for my brain but now I totally get it.

I thought I understood a lot of it and just thought something was wrong with me or that i just didnt want to do it bad enough. But after Masterclass and simmering into it all – I now believe that nothing is wrong AT ALL. Im going to be just fine. Even when my brain wants to tell me that it’s not true and I’m fooling myself.

So while I’m incredibly uncomfortable and want to numb out sometimes – I know I don’t want that for myself anymore. It got old like you mentioned and I really don’t want to slip back into that cycle.

So here I am actually doing the work, not figuring things out and passively taking action (at least not to the extent I was before).

I am slightly freaking out and definitely feel it in my body But Believing in ME is the best gift I can give myself – so it’s worth feeling all the feels and moving forward all at the same time.

I proud of me for taking these steps.

Thanks Brooke.