Coaching 2 ("fix" things)

Thank you so much for your feedback! So insightful!
Q: What are the thoughts that are leading to your disappointment, and do you want to choose to believe them?
A: I’m not as happy as I should.
I’m sad.
I have problems.
I have a relationship problem with my husband.
I’m not able to enjoy my family life.
Even if I try it hard, I’m not able to fix it with coaching.
This is not working.
I don’t really want to believe those thoughts, but there is a part of me that believes them!

Q: Start watching your brain to gain awareness of the thoughts it’s offering to you.
Then employ curiosity.
When it tells you that you’re not as happy as you should be, what does that even mean?
A: I guess that means that my life doesn’t look to the ideal picture I’m manufacturing when I think about “happy” people. I create a story in my head and say to myself, “this person is happy.” But I’m not inside her. I don’t know how she feels. I guess some other people are using me to think, “Oh yeah, SHE is happy.”

Q: How much “happy” is acceptable to your brain?
A: I guess my brain will always offer the idea that I’m not happy enough (except in some exceptional occasions?). Especially when I will feel negative emotions that are part of any human life. But I don’t really understand the question” How much “happy” is acceptable to your brain?” Does it mean that my brain will only accept 50% “happy” and the other part is “not happy” and this is fine?

Q: We create our own reality.
What reality do you want to create for yourself, Scholar?
A: I want not to beat myself up! So, I guess I don’t want to think “I’m not happy enough”, which is a way to depreciate myself and my choices (including the choice to use coaching in my life).