Coaching Biz without certification

I know you’ve said anyone can be a coach and since this is an unregulated industry (great news) certification is not required but I’m having a hard time with the idea of starting a coaching business without a certification, degree, or years of expertise. Earlier, you had answered my question about whether I should continue with a BS in Psychology just to be a coach. Thank you for that!

As I mention this to friends or family that my goal is to coach and that I’d like to go through your certification program first, they’re like “yeah, you definitely need to show people you know what you’re talking about.” I’ve always considered myself a teacher, through and through, and I love the idea of sharing these concepts and principles with people so they can change their lives as I have, but I’m afraid that if I start a coaching business now, people will look at me and say that I’m too young to be a life coach (29 years old), that I haven’t gone through enough training, that I don’t know what I’m talking about. I know this is not true intellectually. I’m having a tough time finding a thought that I believe and feel in my bones that will drive the massive actions. As soon as I think “I could help so many people change their lives by sharing this information” the “who do you think you are?” comes up immediately.

I’m an Office Manager during 9-5pm weekdays, taking online Real Estate classes with the hopes of being able to quit full time job to work real estate business (by next Summer) so I can earn enough cash to take your certification training as soon as possible, in 2019. The idea is to be able to work a real estate business while I’m building my coaching business without having to be at a front desk all day. Real Estate, tiny houses, sustainable living are passions of mine. So is helping people. My coaching business would be centered on weight loss for the confused, overworked, adult female who overeats emotionally and knows that her weight is holding her back in multiple areas of her life.

I have SO MANY wonderful dreams and plans that I get so gleeful when I think about all of this but still that little thought “who do you think you are?” comes up, I feel depleted of all my passionate energy in no time.

Thank you!