Is a Business Coach necessary right now.

Oh, Brooke. I need your expertise. I keep being told that their business would not have taken off if it wasn’t for hiring a business coach. I am feeling stuck in getting my first client for my health coaching business. I’m needing direction for things like how to do FB adds, what should my “speech be” when talking to potential clients and just getting the push I need to press through my fears. I do not have the money right now to pay someone. Business coaches are expensive. I am already putting SCS on a credit card each month. Do you think it’s worth going more into debt (as in take out a loan) to hire a business coach? It seems like it takes money to make money. I know you have a coach, but I also know you are in a very different income bracket than I am in. Would appreciate your input. I even thought about letting go of SCS to invest in my business, but I came to the conclusion I CAN’T!!! I love being a part of this community and what you offer is giving me so much value.