Coaching with empathy

Hello Brooke! I’m Charmaine and I am excited to say that I am a new Self-Coaching Scholar AND I will be attending the Life Coach School seminar in March!! I am beyond thrilled for this opportunity!

In regards to my question, I was watching your live coaching call yesterday (3/5/18) on the Scholars page and saw that you are able to identify with so many of your clients because you have been through and felt exactly what they have been feeling (i.e. similar relationship struggles, overeating/overdrinking struggles). As a result, I feel like if I talk to people about their issues without having gone through these issues myself, people may think I “don’t understand what they’re going through” and may not be as receptive to feedback. How do I gain that identity as a reliable, knowledgeable coach and reassure people that I can help them with their problems, even if I have not experienced personally what they have experienced?