Coaching Without Certification

Hi! I have lost about 30-40 pounds since starting to do this work, first the podcast’s help and now am entering my third month in SCS. I have a couple of friends and coworkers stating they want for me to “coach” them with their weight loss. I have told them I am passionate about it and would love to help but that although i foresee getting certified at some point, I am not a certified coach yet.

My question is, would it be ok to walk along these people’s weight loss journey and “coach” them with the knowledge I have gained so far without a certification? Part of me thinks it’s ok and see it as an extension of my friendship to them. I guess because I am a physician, part of me is worried about the not being certified part and honestly i am so new to this i feel somewhat inadequate. Am i in a loop?!? Btw, thank you for all this work! I started SCS in April and the May relationships work coincided with my parents one month visit and it was life changing doing this work while they were here! Forever grateful!