Cold Days In Texas

Hey Brooke,

Since I lost weight with SCS I’ve noticed I am feel colder than I used to before and more than any person in any room. Ain’t complaining. I would take wearing a cardigan and sitting next to a heater any day of the year 🙂
I saw you mentioning the cold days you get in Texas and I wanted to offer to you an expensive but amazing treat, if you are willing to invest, it changed my life – infrared home sauna.

I live in NYC and it’s as nasty cold as it could be. I am fortunate to have a sauna in my building and ever since I started using it, I visit it for three days a week for 15 minutes. It warms my bones, detox my body, gives me a good meditative break, and gives me a glowing skin. So healing.

I know for sure that if I had my own home, building a sauna would be a number one priority. It’s like having your own spa at home.

That Screenwriter