I’m standing on the beach with my dog, looking out to sea. I left my flat 45mins ago to walk him before leaving to join my running club for a race meeting.
Closed the front door to discover, no keys. Locked out.
None of the other flats in my building have doorbells, my letting agents five minutes away doesn’t open for another hour and a half.
There goes my race. Gutted. The first in a new series for my club.
So the model…
C- locked out of flat before race
T- I’m such an idiot
F- gutted. Annoyed. Apathy
A- quitting
R- I don’t get to do the thing I wanted to do.
I really notice how I wasn’t fully committed to this race. I made it optional. I didn’t get myself to bed early and I didn’t pick up my keys when I left the house. This has been so revealing to me.
New model, though I’m not sure if the C line should be different? Maybe just ‘running’??
T- I get to my races no matter what
F- excited, committed.
A- early bed, kit prepared, out of bed with enough time, keys in hand when I leave the flat.
R- I get to participate in my races, and to contribute to my club.
Thanks Brooke