Commitment & Compelling Reason

Hiya Brooke,

Twice in my life I have experienced realizing goals that I had no idea how I was going to reach them but I was committed to doing whatever it took to get there. One was quitting smoking in 1988 and the other was getting out of dutch with the IRS in 199x. Each time I KNEW in my bones that I was going to achieve those things; I didn’t know how at the time of commitment, but I KNEW that I would figure it out.

I don’t have that level of KNOWING today. My commitment is to bring in $100k in top line revenue in my business this year. My why is I want to support myself and save for retirement. These feel cerebral to me, not in my bones.

What do I need to do in order get that fire in the belly WHY so as to fuel the commitment?

Thanks for your work and for being in the world offering it. So good.