Compelling reason

I have yet to delve into the discussion of ‘compelling reason’ in the overeating workshop, but I’m curious… My reasons are definitely compelling enough: I genuinely want to be free from impulses and desires and make decisions for my life instead of letting life have its way with me. I want to be able to give back to my family and experience joy that isn’t hindered by buffers. I want to be present, here for myself, reliable… But I’m interpreting the message I’m hearing as, “If your reason is compelling enough, you won’t have urges or desires to overeat”. How do I relay to myself the gravity of my compelling reason? Do I practice it somehow?

It’s so interesting going through this process having stopped drinking at the beginning of this year and I SO get the message in regards to alcohol. I’ve been listening to Stop Overdrinking calls to apply to the eating stuff thinking, “Man, I could drink if I wanted to”, and I cannot think of one scenario where it’s worth it for me. What’s awesome is I know I could if I really wanted to because of your perspective, but I truly have no desire for it. Food on the other hand… I shall keep on!