Compelling reason for weight loss

Hi Brooke,
I am currently struggling with finding a compelling enough reason to restart my weight loss journey ( and do it for good).
I KNOW having a compelling enough reason works, because many goals I have achieved in the past were driven by one.
But, right now I can’t seem to find a strong enough compelling reason – even though I have all the “rational” reasons, I don’t feel the drive and fire I need to have to succeed, or better – I cant seem to be able to generate it in my mind.
If I’m not mistaken you mentioned deciding on and ” practicing” you compelling reason as you would practice any thought, so with repetition until we believe it. But isn’t it kind of counterintuitive/ against the very definition of compelling reason? I mean, shouldn’t my compelling reason be something that I spontaneously feel in a very profound and urgent way, in order for it to carry enough power to push me towards my goal?