Computer Work Procrastination

I have been implementing Monday Hour One. Every day the same 3 things don’t get done. It is all the computer tasks.–Emails, Social Media Posts and submitting repair requests to my land lord.

This week went as follows thus far:
Monday-did my first spin class and was completely exhausted so took a 30 minute nap and both kids needed help with something. I had not prepared for either circumstance.
Tuesday-An important conversation needed to be had with daughter 1. It was a long conversation regarding everything going on currently.
Today-i failed at fully completing hour one by scheduling the times. but still had it all written out. (I have found it has been most helpful for me to do it daily right now instead of weekly.) Daughter 2’s school mate that moved away during quarantine came back for a visit, so more time was spent there for connecting and good bye.

I see that it is around my kids that I make the changes. Or at least that is my justifiable excuse/reason. I have found that if I don’t get things done during time I said, I’m willing to stay up to get it accomplished. Which is a huge improvement of honoring what I said to myself. Before I would just say forget it and buffer with Netflix.

How ever it is these three things that I keep not doing.

All things on the computer. All things to that involve other people.It being business or personal appears to be irrelevant.

I can see that the thought could be– I don’t want to do them. Or they can wait. That’s not important right now.

I don’t want to do them, But I know I need to.

The reason I think I need to do them is because I want to be the type of person who gets things done. No matter what. The kind of person who does what she says. The kind of person that one can trust and rely on. (with my boundaries in place of course, not from a people pleasing place)

Please Help. Thank you.