Confidence in coaching

My impossible goal is to blow my own mind by making 100K by the end of this year. It’s impossible because I’m really starting from scratch. I’m certified with another school and am new to the model concept. I haven’t really coached that much. How can I use the model to feel more confident? Here’s taking a stab at it:
C: I haven’t coached that many clients
T: How can I reach my goal if I’m so inexperienced?
F: overwhelmed
A: taking little or no action
R: not reaching my goal
new model:
C: I have only coached a few clients
T: I want to coach more paying clients
F: Eagerness
A: Take actions to find the clients
R: Gain more confident and income by coaching more paying clients

I can see this conceptually, but I have a hard time putting it into practice, especially the Action part. I get stuck on what actions to take to find paying clients. I really want to get a handle on using the model. I started in scholar in November and have been trying to constraint myself from being overwhelm with all the contents. Looking forward to your help!