Conflict with husband

We are landscaping our yard. I had planned to put a tree in this one spot and to my surprise, my husband was against the idea. To me, it was a no-brainer that we needed a tree there but he felt differently.

Even though I wasn’t hungry I found myself beginning to eat while we were arguing. Hello buffering! Conflict has always been hard for me and I have a lot of difficulty working through conflict because I feel so bad inside.

My model:
C: Husband states that he doesn’t want a tree in the corner
T: I feel strongly there needs to be a tree there and I don’t know how to handle this disagreement
F: Panic
A: Start eating to buffer, get upset, sometimes break off the conversation because I can’t figure out a way to work through
R: I don’t get better at handling conflict/reinforce the thought that conflict is hard to handle

Please help!