Confusing model for work

I’m trying to do models around work because I have a lot of mind chatter, stress, and stories that I want to clear up so I can be more content at work instead of quitting (and potentially repeating the same unhappiness at another job).

However, I’m getting really stuck on the circumstance line because everything I come up with clearly has a thought or feeling in it. For example, in the middle of the day, I’ve worked so much that I’m exhausted. I’ve skipped lunch and still have 2-3 hours of the workday to finish (I realize there are a lot of ‘stories’ in that explanation).

I feel exhausted and am unhappy, knowing that I’ll get home and be too exhausted to finally do what I enjoy doing. I know I need to do a lot of thought work so that I can come home and not be rundown. Here’s a model I tried to do today:

C: I’ve already done so many tasks, with more on the to-do list
T: I spend all my energy every day working through a never-ending to-do list and have no energy for my personal life at night. I’m mentally exhausted at night so I can’t muster any energy to work on my hobbies or be a good partner or dog mom
F: Exhausted, rundown, fed up, burned out
A: Come home and not work toward any of my personal goals (weight loss, writing, side business). I zone out in front of the TV instead.
R: I advance in my job that I don’t care about anymore, but don’t advance in my personal life.

I realize there are many stories in there but how can I get a clear/unbiased C-line for this kind of situation? “I worked too much already” or “I’ve done too many tasks to count” are both too biased but the truth is that I can’t count the number of tasks I’ve done to make it more factual because I lose track by noon. What other phrases could I try to start the model clean and clear? Thank you!