I seem to indulge in confusion when I have some decisions to make in general. I have been working on this model and would love your feedback. Thank you.

C: Business setup
T: I hesitate between several designers
F: Confusion
A: I continue conversations with all designers, I tell myself that I don’t know which one to work with, I don’t listen to what my gut is telling me, I ask my relatives for advice, I discuss the subject endlessly, I schedule other meetings.
A: I don’t decide which designer to work with

Intentional model

C: Business setup
T: I have a great sounding board team around me that I can count on, working with any designer
F: Confident
A: I follow my instincts and continue with the person I initially met, I discuss with M and P, I reflect on their feedback, I give constructive feedback that represents what I think, I decide that I will send the second draft of the logos to 5 people savvy in design whom I can totally trust, I prepare my discussions with the other designers to explain that the collaboration will not happen, I encourage myself in my efforts.
R: I draw on my resources and those around me