Confusion on Circumstances

Hello, I am new this month to SCS and appreciate all of the materials. I just listened to the study hall Q&A with Katie and the model Q&A with Janet for May. I am understanding the model on most of the situations. However, there were 3 examples, each from different clients, when I was confused by the circumstance presented and what the coach did with it. Each example below was the circumstance presented by the clients.

1. My husband says rude things to people
2. The person regularly lies
3. My husband cheated on me with a hooker

One both #1 and #2, Katie said to do a thought download and really try and look to see if we have a manual for that person and our thoughts concerning that issue. And I can see that the word “rude” in #1 might be considered an opinion, but if everyone in the room thinks his comments are rude, then is it a fact and can go in the circumstance line? And on #2, lying is very straightforward. Either the person lied or told the truth. I don’t see how that is not an okay statement to put in the circumstance line.

And on #3, the coach changed the “My husband cheated on me with a hooker” to just “my husband” because the original statement was too judgy. But if he actually did have sex with a prostitute, then it is a fact and not an opinion. Could you write “My husband had sex with a hooker” on the circumstance line?

It seems like I am missing something and I look forward to receiving clarification through your answer. Thank you for your help.