The Current Pattern Is A Thought

Currently I am experiencing a repeated and learned pattern whereas each time I start to work on a new screenplay I tend to overeat as I am in this phase of trying to find my next story.
I now realize that the above sentence is a thought 🙂 and while it may have evidence to support its truthfulness in the past, it is utterly unuseful to keep.

When I ask myself how do I want to feel each time I start to work on a new screenplay my first reply is: ‘How do I know? All I know is what I’ve done so far.’
So I insist to find out, to try to guess, to make up a scenario.
‘Well,’ I offer to myself, ‘in a perfect world, I would be excited, curious, playful and full of anticipation.’

So this doesn’t feel like ME. It feels it can’t be something that I will get to experience.
At the moment, starting to work on a new screenplay is frightening, uncertain, exhausting, and just too much.

How should I deal with this, please?