Connection Social (Vintage Lady)

I have had issues with depression, anxiety, and became agoraphobic. Four years of my life were spent in the safety net of the house. I eventually pushed through and did what it took to come through that period and now it is about 40 years later.
Social anxiety was always apart of my life. Now I want to and have put myself in social situations. I have met pushy, angry,arrogant, indifferent, jealous and negative personalities. I struggle with being around these personalities and then my anxiety comes up and then I emotionally overeat. I recently lost 50 lbs (need to lose more) and want this cycle to end.

C. Looking for social connections
T. Would like to be more social (better understanding of different personalities listen to others opinons )
F. Anxious,curious,sometimes defeated
A. Put myself in social situations
R. Confused disappointed frustrated

Have not worked on the intentional thought pattern. Would like to hear from you first

Want to say thank you for your generosity 150 free podcasts and all the bonus materials in with the SCS.

Laura G.