Connections other than Romantic ?

Will the 8 week Connection series touch on how to build connections with friends or even with managers ? I am not in a romantic relationship currently, and don’t foresee myself in one anytime soon.

I have gone through the March 2020 connections workbook but I didn’t find anything in regards to how to connect with others, I learned how the past relationships I have had or didn’t have point to the connections I have or do not have now. Are there other tools in the vault that can assist on how to connect with others ? In college, I made friends but I had the belief that it was easier to make friends because I was surrounded by others like myself that were interested in improving their lives’ and it was likely that you’d come into contact with the same person again which made making connections easier.

As an adult, I still hold the belief from college that its easier to make friends when we meet other that have a want match and when you can come into contact with them again often. Maybe I just need a different belief about making friends. Suggestions ? The hardest part for me right now is being able to contact or meetup with someone multiple times. I’ll attend events where I meet up with folks I’d like to continue to get know, we’ll exchange numbers, I’ll reach out but I usually hear nothing back. It’s like talking to crickets. I’ve also attended in person classes but I usually don’t find people around my age to talk to. I’ve been told I have an old soul but I don’t want to force myself into doing activities people my age do that I don’t like, it seems counter intuitive.