Keeping a journal for share with my future self and consolidate my vision

Hello, it’s been two weeks since something was wrong.  I pursue my goal, but by fighting myself.  At first I thought it was fatigue, then I put it on the back of a cold, then finally on my boyfriend’s back!!!  Hahaha!  I noticed while making models that I felt sometimes impatient, sometimes frustrated, then alone, and that in fact I put the blame on the circumstances rather than looking in myself for the answers.

I have the following thought:  I would like / I want to share my journey, my learning, to celebrate my successes and my failures.
And I realize that my man is not the right person and that a (private) journal could be the solution, in addition to the one on one coaching.

Since the start of my impossible goal at the end of November, I have presented myself a lot and my life has already changed enormously.  I took so many notes, wrote down so many ideas, made so many thought downloads, but always on loose sheets of paper that reflect a deep disorganization.  I realized that today I aspire to a clear organization in all areas of my life, because it brings me freedom and comfort.

Keeping a journal seems to me to be a good solution, for sharing with my future self and to consolidate my vision.  I mostly feel divided and I want to build models out of it.  The conflict seems to come from a conflict between my past version and my future self and this results in difficulties for my present self!  I still have difficulty knowing where to enter the things that I mention in the model.

A monthly appointment with a professional masseur too, combined with a little weekly yoga = taking good care of myself and I am able to continue to move forward, for me. It is so magical. Thank you, Life Coach School.