Considering Leaving Scholars

I have been a scholar for almost 3 years.  I can truly say it has transformed my career and allowed me to make a decision based on integrity and self love. In the process, life has continued to progress, and because I have devoted my self to work all this time, other things in my life need work (I think). I want to pay more attention to my teenage sons and husband.

I have also been engrossed in the mystical and feel a strong pull in that direction with all the retreats and teachings out there.
I don’t want to continue to invest in Scholars when there are also other things that can continue to expand me.

I believe my journey with scholars is complete – it offered me what I needed during a phase of my life and assuredly has equipped me with the tools for life circumstances that continue to arise.

I am still having a hard time definitely making a decision due to FOMO, but a part of me thinks it is time to move onto other things.

How to decide?