Conspiracy theory husband

Several year ago (2008) my husband and I had a really rocky patch with lots of hurt feelings it was politics related. We eventually made up and have just kept that part of ourselves separate and not about political things. Now my husband is kind of breaking our agreement to not talk politics in that we moved and he found an audience of conspiracy theory types. I understand he gets to be who he is and my fear is coming from old evidence. I tell myself I’m a more evolved person and can deal with being scared and triggered… but I feel like I need to bolt!
C- my husband has thoughts about politics
T- he’s being stirred and whipped up, it’s going to be bad like last time, I’m not going to tolerate this type of zealotry in my life
F- scared
A- I’m crying, buffering- mostly I pull back
R-Not meeting my goals or feeling my feelings, creating distance in our marriage.