Constraint & Purpose

Hi Brooke,

When I started SCS I found the idea of constraint tough. So I proceeded and did a little work on a lot of things. It felt hard to prioritize one problem over another. At the start so many things felt messy. Slowly I’ve focused on weight loss. My biggest task with that is managing my mood swings throughout the week. When I go negative I coach myself back to nuetral. I start listening to you coach people and do thought downloads and then coach myself — and the world feels okay again.

I’m still finding it hard to constrain at times. There are always things that creep into the picture: financial responsibilities, work stress, being called for jury duty, pet emergencies, and so on. When too many pop up, I feel pulled in too many directions and overwhelmed. I feel unable to constrain. And at moments it becomes urgent and I don’t have a choice other than to prioritize it.

T: I am focused on my weight loss
F: confident
A: follow protocol
R: lose weight

C: Life
T: Other things also demand my focus (insert examples above)
F: Stress, anxiety, and depression
A: Lose focus
R: My focus is divided / messy

It is a cycle of finding constraint and losing constraint between these two models. Perhaps this is part of the 50/50 deal? But I am also not sure if I am focusing on the right aspects of constraint. I would love to be coached on this.